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Internationalizing the Catalan Question

We, the Catalans, have made «all the papers of the rhymed comic» to attain the Independence of Catalonia, from to struggle with the arms in the hand until shares the Spanish nationalist trick of the regional Parliament of the Zoological: we have proved everything. But there is a little given aspect that it is the internationalization of the severe colonial situation that we suffer as Catalans.

Like always I make, I revise our history for finding antecedent of this lack. There is not many, but one of very important, that it scored a goal to the attempt at Spain of standing in the new international sphere that was born of the end of the World War II and of the defeat of the German Nazism, narrowly tied to the Spanish pro-Franco fascism. I place you in that transcendental fact with words of it Heribert Barrera:

«The United Nations Organization was born, practically, in the Conference about International Organization that met in San Francisco the 25 April of 1945 [...] The World War II was in the final stages but it still lasted [...] Unfortunately it was clear since the winners of the war did not have the minor intention of recognizing the representative institutions of Catalonia existing in the requirement. Therefore any Catalan participation or that memorable Conference that got together the representatives of 50 states, spread to all five continents, came off excluded; that he wrote up the draft of the Card of the United Nations, and that the most important was indisputably from all international conferences that until then had been celebrated. However, if it was impossible to participate in it, it was necessary at least to attempt that Catalonia was present there somehow. The honor of this attempt falls on the Delegation in the United States of the Catalan National Council, formed then by J. M. Fontanals, J. Ventura Sureda, J. Carner-Ribalta and J. A. Gibernau. The three first, performer in proper noun, as members of the Delegation, almost in the name of all the numerous Catalan entities constituted in America, that expressly they authorized them, and also how, he says its writing, ''in name of the people of Catalonia, the voice of which feels silenced'', sponsors of the applicant Conference were directed to the four states of showing and registering the Appeal to the United Nations.»

The 14 April of 1945 was the fourteenth anniversary of the proclamation from the Catalan Republic and the same date in which the «Three of the USA» signed the Appeal to the United Nations on Behalf of Catalonia. Forty years after I had the honor of shaking the hand of one of the signatories, Josep Carner-Ribalta, who went from USA, in his almost ninety years, in Catalonia on the occasion of the commemorative facsimile edition of that Appeal.

It is a very important document that all Catalans have to be made know, especially because, besides ruining the lie Spanish and of all what is said, it is a model to be to present again in the world the situation of the last colony that is still subjected to the decrepit Spanish empire: Catalonia.
I attach you (in the foot) the archive in format .pdf of the facsimile edition of 1985.


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