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"The misery of being a catalan colony"



Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The misery of being a colony

Torre elèctricaThere has not been three years since the power cut that affected Barcelona in summer 2007. Then, the interruption of power supply lasted for three days and it evidenced the actual mistreatment to that Catalonia is object, not only from Spain but from the private companies managed from Spain. In that occasion, a wave of anger and protest was started on the digital media and blogosphere. Now, only a snow storm is enough to knock down electric posts in Girona and leave a big part of the North of the country in the dark for more than a week. On the third night, Vicent Partal qualified it as Intolerable. What must be it when the time doubled?

The prejudice and the consequences are already more important than the ones suffered in Barcelona, and they go beyond the economical loss -said to be millions. A hundred people have been intoxicated by the fumes of generators and at least one has died due to that. The reaction, however, from the media and the blogosphere, has been notably minor. Is it because there is tiredness and resignation, or is it because the main affected is not Barcelona but the region of Girona?

To see how thousands and thousands of people have to spend their days and nights without electricity and below zero temperatures, due to lack of maintenance of the towers for many years by Endesa and REE, results with a pathetic image, more seen in a Third World country than a developed one, and that not long ago saw itself as an European economical motor. Colonist politicians have tried to centre the debate in the need for Very High Tension line (MAT, in Catalan) which only pretends to play in the interests of those companies and evade their responsibilities in no guaranteeing the maintenance of those infrastructures giving public services managed from Spain and divert the public's attention from the real problems of the people. Only direct information from citizens who see this situation from the spot allows us to have an approximate idea of the reality; experiences from elderly or infants being cold, fishermen emptying the petrol tanks of their ships to feed the emergency generators of the Hospital in Palamos, isolated families without enough food or water, people looking for a hotel or asking other relatives for somewhere to sleep or take a shower. The numbers of the thousands of consumers without electricity are watered down because always hide that with every consumer, more people from the family, from the firm, the hospital or school are affected.

In the reports by VilawebTV "Apagats" -"Switched off"- and "Passen les hores i no torna la llum" -"Hours go by and the power is not back"-, we can see the adventures that people have to imagine to carry on without electricity. On Facebook, the affected have set up a group, where the indignation for the abandonment to which these people are subject is very noticeable.

Economic plunder and the colonial condition of our Nation is manifested with all cruelty in emergency situations like this, but is a permanent practice more or less disguised. Because there is no difference in mentality between a public or private manager when there is a Spaniard in front of a Catalan consumer: the latter must pay or vote, and keep their mouth shut. It does not matter whether from the public powers or the private companies, the asphyxia to our economy and our decision capacity is an identity symbol. Spain grows and Catalonia sinks, while we allow this with our work and the taxes we pay. The incompatibility of wanting to live in Catalonia decently and defending dependency is progressively increasing.

All this is another symptom of the severe decadence to which Spain is leading us, fully consciously and premeditated if we do not act urgently. The solution, as pointed by Enric Canela in his weekly article on, has to be rebellion. A democratic rebellion that has already begun and that has more people reacting by adding themselves to the cause of recovering the freedom for Catalonia.

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