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Evaluation of the initiative "Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència"


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Evaluation of the initiative "Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència"

Following the call to create "Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència", last July 20th, by Mr Joan Laporta (ex-chairman FC Barcelona, promoter of Democràcia Catalana), Mr Alfons López Tena (jurist and member of Convergència Democràtica Catalana) and by MP Uriel Bertran (MP for Esquerra),
  • Catalunya Acció evaluates positively the appearance of this initiative, which is in line with the strategy and proposals that Catalunya Acció has been developing since its formation in 2004. In the sense of backing the patriotic union of Catalans in a great electoral coalition as the only way of obtaining a categorical victory of the supporters for independence in the contest of the elections at the Parliament of the Principality of Catalonia.
  • In front of the disorientation provoked by the appearance of new initiatives among so many supporters for independence, such as Reagrupament, Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència and the Conferència Nacional del Sobiranisme driven by eminent Moisès Broggi, Joan Blanch, Oriol Domènech, Agustí Bassols, Heribert Barrera and Antoni M Badia, we would like to confirm that is not a symptom of dispersion and disorientation in the supporters for independence, but necessary elements of clarification and consolidation for this political stage, previous to the construction of the "Great Coalition for Independence" that collected all this claim for national freedom.
  • We would request that Mr Joan Carretero and Mr Joan Laporta, as determining elements for this coalition to be real, that for the next days, give their utmost to resolve their differences and reach an agreement, because due to their actual political weight, they have in their hands the power to create this Great Coalition among the different political proposals in favour of independence, projecting unity and victory to the hundreds of thousands of voters who are claiming such Coalition.
  • The actual international context, having the International Court of Justice endorsed the legality of the unilateral declarations of independence, opens a historical opportunity for the Catalan Nation and, so, forces even more the nationalist leaders to be to be at the level of the circumstances and not defraud the longing of independence of the Catalan people.
  • Catalunya Acció maintains the compromise acquired since its foundation, promoting and collaborating in the construction of this Great Coalition for Independence, as the key factor in the strategy to achieve independence. Because of this compromise, Catalunya Acció will remain vigilant and alert that opportunistic, last minute climbers or infiltrates, always present in every political activity do not impair or manipulate this coalition project.Catalunya Acció
Barcelona, July 26th 2010

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