Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Only States may confederate.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Only States may confederate.

Josep Antoni Duran i Lleida, leader of Unio Democràtica de Catalunya 'I am not supporter of the independence of Catalonia, I am confederalist'.


Mr Duran i Lleida, to say 'I am confederalist', at this moment, and also in the last century, might sound very pleasant to win the votes of all those who are NOT INFORMED or others like you, who know that the confederation of Catalonia with Spain is impossible, because of the simple reason that Spain does not want to confederate. Spain does not even respect that shit of "Estatut" cut and planed of that 30th September (2006), still waiting for the sentence by the Constitution Tribunal.

When you say "I will not bring forward a ballot for independence during the elections", you have all the right of doing so, but what I think is that the facts and the freedom process of Catalonia will go through you, above and beyond Convergència and Unió, and your connivance with Spain will be uncovered and a lot of your voters, a lot of those who voted affirmatively for the independence of Catalonia will rethink very soon whether they have to give their support to a project that still trust the Spaniards, who, instead of preparing the rupture with that group of thieves and usurpers and the new Catalan State, helps Spain in the aim of destroying Catalonia.

Do not make us laugh, Mr Duran i Lleida, and do not embroil the unwary people, you should know -you know it well, though, that a Confederation is established between two sovereign States and not between two autonomous communities, so that if you are really 'confederalist', stop being silly and start working for the urgent independence of Catalonia and for the establishment of the future Catalan State. Then, you could prepare yourself for an eventual confederation with the other Catalan speaking, culture and tradition countries, demonstrating that you are not a true liar.

Catalan independence and its supporters will remove all regionalist traitors and collaborationists with the enemies of Catalonia.

Prepare yourselves, Mr Duran i Lleida and colleagues, your time is arriving. The time to settle up the matter with Catalonia.

Josep Vilalta.
President of Berguedans per la Independència de Catalunya

Salvador Molins
Member BIC and Counsellor Catalunya Acció

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