Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Catalonia was born to become a nation, not to become a province.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Força Catalunya

Catalonia was born to become a nation, not to become a province.

The presentation of the web of Força Catalunya may seem, at first glance, a purely political act. However, to understand and grasp its deepest sense, it is necessary to view it in a broader context; the transformation of the conscience that is happening worldwide, and especially, within our nation.

The old thinking, still present in large sectors of our population, is ruled by deception, error and fear. With the conception engendered by this conscience, people, Nature and nations are reduced to objects which can be manipulated and subdued. Whoever is anchored with this conscience oscillates between weakness and despotism, producing the old game of dominations, where some act as victims and may only beg for what it is already theirs, and others who erect themselves as owners of what it does not belong to them.

This old consciousness has furnished the world that we step in as we open our front door, switch the TV on and on reading the newspapers. A world so full of such flagrant contradictions that is cracking everywhere.

The new conscience that is emerging, without too much noise, recognizes the sacred character of human being, Nature and nations. All beings deserve of this honour. This new conscience originates a clear perception of profound order of the reality and the place every man and every nation occupies. It knows that the destiny of people and countries is determined by their capacity to well their own creativity for everything necessary. This conception of reality creates a new type of relationships, respecting and valuing the others, cooperating and enjoying together the material and spiritual wealth that everybody bears inside.

The political process that the Catalan Nation is living at this moment, it is inscribed in this paradigm of change, where all submissions, and specifically the national, are meant to be overcome. We have entered in a stage where an increasing number of Catalans are not willing to continue with our nation being a Cinderella. We want that Catalonia becomes the owner of its own History.

For dignity of Catalans, and precipitate this new conscience of free men that is joining together, we cannot continue allowing that foreign nations illegally take over the fruits of our intelligence and our work as it has happened for the last Centuries. In no time, it will be the Catalan Nation who shares its national genius, equal-to-equal, with the rest of nations of the world.

Making this change of conscience visible in our nation requires men and women who love every one of their acts in front of the country, men and women who catch their sacred character and have intimate conviction of their huge capacities. Men and women who transmit with their doing the pride of being Catalans and have courage to crown with success the task of freeing our nation. Men and women who be the honourable speakers of the Catalan Nation in front of the Humanity.

So, to precipitate the emergency of the men and women who incarnate this new conscience, is why Força Catalunya has been born.

Maria Torrents
Counsellor Catalunya Acció

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