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Why Catalonia Independent


1) Each year, Spain took the Catalans 22 000 million in taxes that go to Spain and return to Catalonia. That means a tax plundering of 3,000 euros per person per year (12,000 euros per family of four). With independence and recover this tax plundering of Catalonia can invest for better living and to overcome the crisis.

2) More health, education and aid dependency: independence can increase with 70% of the Government's budget and invest more in education, health and aid dependency.

3) Increase in pension for the elderly: with their own state pension to be increased each year more than 2,500 euros.Allocated 6400 million euros (22,000 million of that each year we take Spain) 15% increase in pensions of widows and retirees.

4) Grants-wage for young people: with independence can create a system-salary grants for youth to excel and can concentrate on their studies and have every opportunity to progress.

5) To create jobs and ensure the future of the companies: only our own State we have first class infrastructure, eliminate the tolls, make our ports are the gateway to Asia to Europe and enjoy 'Catalonia airports and trains that connect with the world.With the end of the fiscal plundering workers enjoy higher wages, companies will pay less taxes and receive more funding for innovation and research.

6) We recover the dignity and promote our values: we are free only if we recover our dignity. No longer have to endure the scorn and insults of Spain and we can enhance our own values: work, effort, saving, initiative, entrepreneurship, innovation.

7) Build quality of a democracy: the new Catalan state can be built on a democratic basis of quality, without corsets and rumors of Franco still linger in the low quality of Spanish democracy. We can organize referendums binding, we elect provincial councils and vegueries through direct vote, approving a bill of information and transparency in public administrations.

8) We can protect the landscape and the environment: the independence to decide what we want energy model and promote renewable energy. While we can protect the landscape and environment of speculation, because the whole territory and sovereignty will be closer to the citizens can exercise greater control over the landscape and natural resources.

9) Could promote the sport and enjoy national teams: the Catalan state can compete internationally with their own sports teams, which will allow us to enjoy and thrill us with our selections. In addition, it allows us to promote the sport and allow many more young Catalan compete internationally.

Spain will not change, everything is centralized in Madrid and take and strengthen the impoverishment of the periphery to get it.

10) Spain has already decided that Madrid is the capital and center of everything and take and strengthen the impoverishment of the periphery to get it: The Spanish national project to Madrid's political and economic capital of the state price to impoverish the periphery is fully consolidated and not reversed. The process of centralization of political and economic power remains in Madrid and Spain and will work conscientiously to expedite it: everything is centralized, and multinational enterprises, infrastructure, rail, intercontinental flights, talent, research, financial institutions ... Continue to accept that Spain is a country of Catalonia will be second to end poor desindustrialitzat specializing in tourism, hospitality and second homes.

Independence is a secure process: the dangers and uncertainties of independence have disappeared.

11) Spain can not stop today, within the European Union is prohibited resort to the use of force to stop a peaceful process.Spain can no longer resort to the use of force to stop the independence of the Catalan people. The Consultation on Independence has been the best example.

13) Do not lose customers or market because the market is global: the globalization, the Spanish market has lost importance for Catalan companies and trade boycotts can not be put into practice in a global world where everyone buys based on quality / cost. The case of the attempted boycott champagne ended with an increase in exports of champagne worldwide. Today our market is worldwide.

12) Remain in the EU: the prestigious international jurists agree determined that Catalonia, Scotland and Flanders will remain in the EU when it declared independence. We are part of the EU, the Catalans have rights as EU citizens and citizens of other EU have rights guaranteed in Catalonia. The case of Flanders shows us the way: Brussels is the capital of Flanders and the EU and when Flanders an independent state is still part logically from the EU.

The only possible way forward is independence for the autonomy and federalism have failed.

13) The last sentence of CW against the statute has led to other proposals to further Catalonia are not the proclamation of independence (the economic agreement, the federal state or autonomy) are doomed to failure because most absolute needReforming the constitution and agreement of the PSOE and the PP. If PP and PSOE have not allowed a Statute of Autonomy cut as promote a reform of the Constitution to meet the Catalans with more money and power?. Only proclaimed independence is within our reach because it is the only thing that only depends on us.

The proclamation of independence is the way we use the UN to achieve the mark own state.

14) The ruling of the ICJ by the UN regarding the unilateral proclamation of independence by Kosovo has ruled that the path of unilateral proclamation to access status is lawful and fits perfectly international law. When a country like Spain does not allow the referendum or negotiation, the unilateral proclamation of independence is the way the international community has set.

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