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The Ghetto of Spain, by Josep C. Verges

"El Rey Spanish-Chusquero!" "que se calle usted!?"
The Ghetto of Spain, by Josep C. Verges

Catalonia is the ghetto of Spain, liquidated by the proto-Nazis in 1717 and reborn with democracy. Two centuries earlier the proto-Nazis liquidated the Jewish ghettos of Besalu, Girona and Barcelona. Jewish architect, Argentinean Dominique Tomasov, who speaks Catalan in contrast to the Spanish nationalist racist, Uruguayan Cristina Peri Rossi, shows me the Barcelona ghetto which occupies a quadrant of the Roman city with Hebrew inscriptions even facing the Spanish Inquisition headquarters, in fact exclusively Spanish speaking as shown by the decree of the "Catholic" Kings expelling the Jews: "When an abominable and powerful crime is committed by some members of a group it is reasonable that this group be dissolved or annihilated." Spanish first came to Catalonia through religious persecution.

The Catalan Inquisition had little in common with the Spanish and Spanish speaking Inquisition which replaced it. The Inquisition had entered Catalonia through the persecution of the Albigeans when Dominican Raimundus Penyafort wrote the rules of the new enquirers. The historian of Sephardic Jews James Finn recognises that: "He won the esteem of all Jews through his splendid conduct." Founded in 1238, by the 15th Century it was no longer operating when the new Spanish inquisitors immediately started persecuting converted Jews. Pope Sixtus IV issued an incredible bull condemning the Spanish Inquisition: "In Catalonia the Inquisition is not moved by zeal for the faith nor for the salvation of souls but in search of wealth. Many are condemned, dispossessed and executed giving a very bad example and causing great disgust among many." The Pope finally gave way to Spanish pressure and appointed the bloodthirsty Torquemada Inquisitor General of Catalonia. Juan de Mariana of the School of Salamanca criticised: "What caused the greatest surprise was the fact that the sons were considered responsible for the faults of their fathers and the accuser remained unknown and never confronted his victim, all contrary to ancient custom." Exiled in Oxford (by Franco) Josep Trueta contrasts: "The Catalan Inquisition was based on the law. Now juridical process was abolished and the most primitive forms of pseudo-juridical barbarity established." Lleida revolted when the first inquisitors arrived. Torquemada sacked the Catalan head Joan Comes, imposing Spaniard Juan Franco and his Torquemada Falange (the later name for Spanish fascists). Forced to dismiss the first Spanish fascist named Franco because of the armed revolt of the Catalans, Torquemada appointed a new Spanish inquisitor. Catalan ministers protested that he continued victimising the established families of Barcelona because of their wealth.

Inquisition historian Henry Kamen explains that the opposition to Torquemada "as usual was led by the intractable Catalans. They totally rejected the Spanish Inquisition as contrary to their Constitutions and laws, adding that they were willing to oppose it with their lives. Not surprisingly the inquisitors desperately reported that the Catalan people would not stop until they succeeded in expelling the Spanish Inquisition from their country." The Inquisition rapidly impoverished Catalonia by scaring Jews to emigrate. The Barcelona councillors protested against the first autos de fe: "Foreign kingdoms are made rich and glorious with the depopulation of our land which is becoming barren." But Ferdinand II the Catholic was inflexible: "No cause or interest, however great and powerful, will make me suspend the Inquisition." The Sultan of Turkey "marvelled greatly at the expulsion of the Jews from Spain because this was the expulsion of its wealth." Many survived. In the 1491 Barcelona auto de fe, three were burnt alive and 149 in effigy. In Majorca in 1493, three alive and 47 effigies. The majority of Jews converted which explains why Hitler so despised us when Josep Pla interviewed him in jail after his first failed coup d'Etat stating that he would liquidate all Jews, regardless if Christian. Doubly liquidated, we degenerate Catalans are reborn in the democratic ghetto of Spain.

Josep C. Verges

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