Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our best political vanguard!

May 05, 2012

Our best political vanguard!

The best political vanguard is courageous and hard worker and does not stop announcing and preparing our next independent Catalan State.

My political vanguard is who show up for our People and defend their interests, those who already work for our national freedom.

We are already a Nation, let's be a Free Nation!

For Catalan to be our only official language of the new Catalan Republic, necessary condition because Catalan language is the soul and foundation of Catalonia, for all the Nation from Salses to Guardamar and from Fraga to Maó.

News referring to the First popular #novullpagar (I don't want to pay),
  1. Toni Strubell (Solidaritat): "Today, the Catalan spring has begun. Our people is taking conscience and rebels against bad government and the abuse all Catalans suffer with the business of tolls". 1st May 2012.
  2. Solidaritat reclaims CCOO and UGT -Spanish trade unions, to join the Catalan people and support the campaign, alerts that the fines announced by CiU are illegal and encourages Catalans to not feel frightened and to continue with the campaign "I don't want to pay".
  3. Solidaritat celebrates the frank success of the first #novullpagar (01-05-12) to which thousands of Catalans have adhered to. Uriel Bertran (SI), at the toll of Vilassar -C-32, said "we saw a contagious effect and more than 3 of 5 vehicles adhered to the campaign and will not pay more tolls. With the opening of the barriers, Abertis has recognized itself as powerless to pursue any fine". Uriel Bertran has appeared very satisfied with the massive response to the first "I don't want to pay".
  4. Alfons Lopez Tena, Catalan MP for Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència (SI), sustains that in the majority of civilized countries, big political changes have occurred without popular consultations or wars.
We will not pay. We will make independent Catalonia!
Spain is our ruin. Every day, €45M are robbed from Catalonia to go directly to Spain and never return. This is our worst and permanent crisis, and it has no expiring date. It lasts for more than 30 years, thanks to Catalan politicians that have controlled our country until now.
A conflict for cotton precipitated the independence of the United States of America.
A conflict for salt precipitated the independence of India.
When are we, Catalans, going to find our way to precipitate the independence of the Catalan Nation?
Salvador Molins (BIC-CA, SCI, BxI, ANC)

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