Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Help Catalonia

The Franco Foundation calls for a coup d'état

The organisation believes that the Spanish Constitution of 1978 protects the uprising of the army in a case of a threat to the unity of Spain. 
The National Foundation Francisco Franco (FNFF) is disseminating an article entitled "The Army cannot continue silent before the current drift in Spain in the hands of gangsters and traitors" in which a coup d'état is called for in order to ensure "the territorial unity and territorial integrity" of Spain. The text, signed by the extreme right-wing journalist Enrique de Diego, refers to an opinion article in the Alerta Digital newspaper.
The text appeals directly to the Spanish military: "The Armed Forces are compelled to defend the unity of Spain and seize power. For the fainthearted, it is simply a constitutional duty; beyond that, it is an imperative for honour: The Armed Forces are first and foremost committed to Spain". 
The article does not waste time making distinctions: "The separatists are totalitarian and imperialist, more and more areas of Spain are being claimed. Navarre, by ETA. Valencia and the Balearic Islands, by CiU and Esquerra". It also refers to the Spanish Constitution of 1978 stating that "the Constitution places the unity of Spain and its territorial integrity under the protection of the Armed Forces. The Nation prevails over the Constitution". 
The FNFF display its web site with a quote by José Antonio Primo de Rivera in a large format font: ""We love Catalonia for it is Spanish and as we love Catalonia we want it more and more Spanish". 
The Franco Foundation is considered by the law as an entity that carries out a charitable, educational and cultural undertaking –thus the donations received are liable to a discount of between 25% and 35% income tax. 

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