Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mr. Santiago Espot, CEO Catalunya Accio

"Our Downfall

When we talk about Catalonia’s downfall, we normally think exclusively in monetary terms, since we are all aware of the current economic looting. However for colonized countries such as Catalonia, there is something even worse to consider: a spiritual defeat. Because of this very fact, while watching, in exile, as the Catalan soul was squashed by the fascist tyranny, the famous doctor Josep Trueta decided to write his very well known book L’esprit de Catalunya (The spirit of Catalonia). This work was very significant and one of the most illustrious Catalans in history, Pau Casals, wrote about it: “His book represents the most respectable of protests because he explains to the nations in question, in their own language, about the Catalan people and their spirit. That touches me, as it touches or should touch all Catalans who are still sensitive to patriotic issues”." (S. Espot, CEO Catalunya Acció)

Santiago Espot,
Executive Chairman of Catalunya Acció.

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