Monday, May 26, 2014

-Tiroler Tageszeitung: EU-Wahl - Separatisten-Parteien in Katalonien voran

Les reaccions a la victòria sobiranista en la premsa internacional

Aquests són alguns dels articles publicats en la premsa internacional sobre la victòria dels partits sobiranistes a Catalunya en les eleccions europees
- Channel News AsiaSeparatist party wins EU vote in Spain's Catalonia
- Daily Mail.  Separatist party wins EU vote in Catalonia
-Diario de Notícias: Forças pró-independência da Catalunha conquistam maioria absoluta
-The GuardianSpain: People's party triumphs while smaller parties make gains. 'One surprise came from Catalonia, where voter turnout jumped more than 10%, from 36.9% in 2009 to 47.44% in 2014. The region, whose government is pushing to hold a referendum on independence, has been warned by many critics that its drive for sovereignty could leave Catalonia outside of the EU. Artur Mas, the president of Catalonia, noted that several of the parties in support of the referendum had increased their number of seats in the European parliament. He added, "Everything is moving forward, not backwards.'
- Wall Street JournalSpain's Ruling Popular Party Wins Most Votes in EU Elections. 'Catalan voters turned out in strong numbers to make the oldest pro-independence party, Republican Left of Catalonia, the region's top vote-getter for the first time since the 1930s.'
- ReutersSpain's ruling PP wins EU vote, political fragmentation rises. Turnout was particularly strong in Catalonia, the northern Spanish region gripped by a rising separatist movement whose leader is pushing for a referendum on independence in November.
-Le Soir: Les indépendantistes de Catalogne en tête aux élections européennes
-Press TVCatalonia separatist party wins EU vote in Spain
-La Jornada: Cataluña: ganan independentistas de izquierda elecciones de Parlamento Europeo
-Tiroler TageszeitungEU-Wahl - Separatisten-Parteien in Katalonien voran
-Die Zeit: Unabhängigkeit für Katalonien!

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