Monday, September 29, 2014

Spanish government challenges consultation on independence

Spanish government challenges consultation on independence

The Constitutional Court will meet extraordinarly this afternoon · The consultations law and the call for the 9-N vote will be provisionally suspended once the court admits the appeal
Mariano Rajoy's cabinet has agreed to appeal to the Constitutional Court to challenge the consultations law and the call for the 9-N vote. Both legal texts will be automatically and provisionally suspended without any need for justification when the appeal is admitted to proceedings at the court. In order to admit appeals made by the Spanish government, the twelve court magistrates must meet in a plenary session.
The Spanish government cabinet has met extraordinarily and urgently to challenge, on the basis of unconstitutionality, the law on consultations passed Friday 20 September by the Parliament of Catalonia and President Artur Mas’s decree signed last Saturday. This decision was long announced by several Spanish ministers.
In fact after the passing of the law on consultations in the Parliament of Catalonia, the government admitted a fast plan of action that would start up as soon as Artur Mas, the president of the Government of Catalonia, called the consultation.
The urgency of the decision is intended to prevent the Catalan institutions from having time to start up the machinery of the consultation and the pertinent campaign.

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