Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tibet the next state in world (Free Tibet)

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Gordon Brown agrees to meet the Dalai Lama
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Images of dead bodies from Ngaba protests.
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Join the march from Park Crescent (west side) to the North terrace of Trafalgar
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7199657 said...

You son of robbers,thieves,you son of criminals!How dare you barking without any shame?Xizang was,is,and always be a part of China!Watch your soldiers in Iraq,get them home!

dperrault said...

Your statement is presumptuous and hypocritical. You assume that the author approves of the American presence in Iraq. Many American do not.

Also at the same tine your are critical of America's military presence in Iraq, but then justify China's military oppression In Tibet.

Do you seen any parallels between China's crackdown in Tibet in the now and 1950 and the rape of Nanking by the Japanese?

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